Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ethnic Theme for your room

If you have some old style furniture, then you can give an ethnic theme or ethnic looks to your room. But if you don't have old style sofa and you would love to give ethnic looks to your room then you can go for dark shade furniture with fine carving, choose some old style accessories like photo frames, lamps, paintings etc... which will give complete ethnic looks to your room. You need to choose colors of the walls accordingly, if furniture and other decorative items will be of ethnic style and color of your room is vibrant then it will not look good. You can use some light shades for your room like light yellow, whitish, light green etc...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ethnic Style Interior Decoration

I have tried to explore many ideas and themes for decorating rooms, garden, and kitchen, like European theme, Victorian theme, Arabian theme etc… All themes are appreciated by you all. Now I would like to try to through some light on Ethnic style interior decoration.

Ethnic style is deliberated for striking and gleaming looks in your home. Ethnic style comprises carved furniture and provides you a broad variety of furniture options. In this style, striking designs are motivated by various cultures. Ethnic style makes a cozy and warm environment in the various rooms. Jewel tones and lively colors are generally used in the ethnic style.

I will shortly come back with various tips regarding decorating your home in Ethnic Style, so keep reading my blog :)