Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome New Year with New Floral Theme Kitchen

Sunflower printed tea set
Sunflower printed Napkin holder

Sunflower Shape Wall Clock

Would you like to try something new in this coming New Year? If yes then you can replace your existing kitchen products with new products. What about the floral theme this new year? We you can choose any floral theme of your choice but sunflower theme is in trend these days and it also give soothing and colorful feeling in you. There are some pictures with sunflower theme. You can also put some fresh or artificial flowers in your flower pot for the perfect looks.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Theme for your Kid's Room

We all are excited as the festive and vacation season is about to come, especially kids. So, you can make this Christmas memorable for your kids. These days painting the walls are in trend, so you can paint the walls of your kid’s room, giving the Christmas theme. You can hire some painting expert to give perfect Christmas theme in your kid’s room, but if you believe that you can paint the pictures well then you can also involve you kid in decorating their room, this will be a great enjoyment for the kids, and like this you can also spend some quality time with your kids. You can paint walls with red and white color or you can give some color choices to your kids to involve them. After painting the walls, make pictures of Santa clause, Christmas tree, you can also paint the picture of a window with snowfall, but do not forget to involve your kids, so that you can make this Christmas unforgettable for your kids. Happy Christmas to all and just chill……

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

European Style Living Room

This is a European style modern living room. The elegancy of this room is comfortable leather made sofa set. This leather sofa set will welcome your guests with comfort and warmth. The combination of wall shades and red color sofa is looking great. You can just put one or two paintings which can blend with your room, but there is no need to decorate so many decorative pieces otherwise your room will not look decent. Just try this and welcome your guests with full comfort.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wrought Iron Lamps for your Room

Striking wrought iron lampshade

If you are choosing a wrought iron theme for your home or for a particular room, then you should keep in mind that the whole decor should be matched and blend with your room. You can get a wide range of wrought iron decoration showpieces in the market. You can choose wrought iron lampshades for your room to give a complete wrought iron theme to the room. There are various designs of wrought iron table lamps are available in the market, Mostly you can find wrought iron lamps with metallic finish but there are wrought iron table lamps with copper and silver finish. Wrought iron lamp shades are outstanding and striking which light up the exact area.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stress-free Maintenance of Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Chandeliers made up of wrought iron are having a preference over various other ranges for 2 causes: they can long last for numerous years and wrought iron chandeliers are very simple to uphold. Despite of how complicated their designs can be. Wrought iron chandeliers can be dirt free by easy wipe up of soap and water. You can as well intermittently burnish them so they stay glossy and shiny. To defend them from corrosion, they should not be hanged in soggy and damp places. People who love old and antique pieces will discover it not very much of harass to renovate this wrought iron decoration piece into one. A shiny finish for antiques is all it requirements.
If you are going for somewhat simple to highly decorative piece, it is worthwhile that these wrought iron chandeliers are merely obtained from well-established and trustworthy sources. Since the stuffs being used, they lean to be weighty and are hung in ceilings devoid of any type of wall hold. The chandelier controller, hence, must be sturdy enough. To stay away from any kind of harm happening in your house or in your company, it will be elegant to go for a moderate weight chandelier

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wrought Iron Chandelier

Wrought iron chandelier radiates an aspect of eerie prettiness that surpasses home décor trends and surroundings, time and ritual. It can simply make a bold statement to nearly any room. A wrought iron chandelier converses of black and plain, and yet it is an adaptable part. It merges well with home design of modern style as well as bucolic beautification. It is also very vigorous, so it makes an exceptional adornment in farm houses set up in the Western borders.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wrought Iron Living Room

You can choose wrought iron theme for your living room. You can buy the stylish wrought iron sofa for your living room. You can choose the sofa according to your room size. You can choose carpet according to your room color. You can place some matching accessories like wrought iron framed scenery, wrought iron flower vase, you can also place some indoor plants in a wrought iron pot, which will give a soothing atmosphere to your living room. You can use wrought iron made wall cabinet where you can put some decor pieces. You can explore your own ideas to give your room a perfect wrought iron theme looks.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bed Room with Wrought Iron Theme

Here is the image of the wrought iron theme bed room. There should be a simple and decent wrought iron bed for your wrought iron theme bedroom, there should be a wrought iron lamp with a yellow dim light, there should be a indoor plants, you can use wrought iron pot for the indoor plants which will give a complete wrought iron look to your room. And the dim yellow light will give romantic touch to your room. When you are thinking to decorate your bed room with the wrought iron theme then you should mind that there should not be a extra decor pieces, as this will not help you to give your room a complete wrought iron theme, but you can place a wrought iron photo frame on the wall. Wrought iron theme should be simple and decent.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wrought Iron Theme

Wrought Iron Theme

Wrought iron stuff is among the most modish style of furniture that you can have today. Particularly if you are eager to procure some outside or terrace furniture, wrought iron is the top choice. Whether as simple domestic furniture or as a collector’s piece, wrought iron furniture has an exclusive place. It is very elegant in style, resilient and design friendly. Some upholding can increase the life of the furniture.

The Rewards of Wrought Iron Furniture

Stiffness and weather resistance is the two top feature of wrought iron furniture. As well this, it is evermore in fashion, has a graceful look and, in common, go with almost all type of home style. You can find wrought iron furniture appropriate for new as well as antique and old-fashioned decor.
Wrought iron furniture stuff is virtually imperishable. Furniture prepared out of wrought iron can clutch any load and size without being even vaguely spoiled.

The Features of Wrought Iron Furniture

The word ‘wrought’ is derivative from the old past tense of the verb “to work”. Thus wrought iron can finest be expressed as iron that has been worked. In compound language, furniture made out of wrought iron has lesser than 15 % iron substance. It also has some slag. Wrought iron is generally strong, acquiescent and can be simply joined. This property of the substance makes wrought iron furniture sturdy, tough and able to be bent into different designs. Wrought iron is typically rust resistant and, hence, is perfect as outside or terrace furniture.

One of the main rewards of wrought iron furniture is that it can be distorted to give a different gaze. For instance, if you just throw a table cover over a wrought iron table, it has an added ceremonial look. As soon as you take away it, the gaze becomes informal. So, by easy pioneering use of linen you can use your wrought iron furniture to renovate the gaze of a room.

Shortcoming of Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is usually costly. Though, the advantages far offset this trivial hitch. Yes, you have to give extra to buy wrought iron furniture. But, it is so long lasting and well-designed that buying wrought iron furniture is value the money. Generally shaped into wonderful designs, the wrought iron pieces add a graceful stare to any courtyard.
Wrought iron furniture is also liable to ecological changes. Iron is a good conductor and so in cold climate the wrought iron furniture can turn into too cold to touch. Over again, they can turn into very hot in summer. Wrought iron furniture is also susceptible to corrosion and thus can often widen rust.

Maintenance of Wrought Iron Terrace Furniture

A slight cautious upholding can make sure a long life for your wrought iron furniture. To build your wrought iron furniture climate resistant, you must paint it often. Once treated, you can put down it outside in wintry weather. Have a good glance at the end when buying wrought iron furniture. If there is any splinter in the finish, get it pat up with paint. Clean your wrought iron furniture with gentle soap and water.
Dig up your rooms dressed up today with designer wrought iron furniture and craft a chic statement. Still waiting?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cane round shape garden chairs

These are the cane made round shaped chairs. You can place them in your garden, or you can use it as a out door furniture. These days different shapes of cane furniture are in fashion. Cane made furniture looks trendy and can blend with any stylish living room. Its best part is that, that its light weight. But cane furniture needs polishing time to time so that it looks fresh and new.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cane Laundry Basket

This is cane made laundary basket. This basket will give your home a complete cane theme looks. You can also use this basket for a storage purpose.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cane Made.......

This is an image of a cane made swing, you can place it in your garden, balcony or varandha. Basically you can use it as a outdoor furniture.

Theses are the cane made baskets which are very useful for the day to day life, you can use it as a fruit baskets, for the storage of the vegetables, or you can use it for the serving breads and chapaties etc...

This is an image of cane made bed. it is looking beautiful and looks different from the normal wooden beds. It is also very light weighted, and natural.

This is an image of luxurious cane sofa set. It will give you a complete comfort and luxurious feelings and also occupied less space of your living room. It is best suitable for the small living room.

This is an image of designer dining set. It is a four seat er dining that is suitable for the small family, this design occupied very less space and gives your room spacious looks.

This is an image of cane theme living room, here you can find a simple and decent looking living room. This cane furniture is painted with white color which gives the feeling of peace and plants placed in the corners will make you feel near the nature.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cane Theme

Cane Theme Décor

These days the most popular and affordable trend is of CANE THEME. People are attracted towards the cane furniture because of its versatile, elegant and affordable feature. Now a days cane is not only for the furniture only, there are so many products made up of cane like- decoration pieces, divan, lamp shades, wardrobes, photo frames, panels and partitions, table mats, planters, mirrors, designer dining table, and designer sofas etc…

You can place cane sofa set in your living room, you can place cane dining set for the dining room, and you can use cane made table mates for the dining table. On the corner of the room you can put cane made lampshade. Cane made divans are also available in the market, you can also put cane divan in your living room. And you can also place some of the cane made decorative pieces which will give your room a complete cane theme.

People who have transferable jobs, or who can’t afford much but wants to make decorate their home with trendy themes, and then Cane theme is best for them. In fact according to the fengshui also cane furniture are good because they are natural, breathable, and produces some positive rays.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Victorian Style Bathroom

Here is the image of Victorian Bathroom and you can imagine your Victorian style bathroom like this and feel a feeling of being in heaven.

Victorian Style Bathroom

Victorian Style Bathroom

The combination of classic Victorian style and modern style gives a great result. Your bathroom should be spacious for Victorian style. For the Victorian style bathroom, there should be a big bathtub, if you can get any classic bathtub but with a modern outlook and if possible place your bathtub next to the window in the bathroom so that you can also enjoy the natural beauty while taking bath then it will give perfect Victorian looks for your bathroom. You can put or you can hang some nature’s painting, which will give soothing feel. Mirror use for the bathroom should be of wooden frame or of with golden finish. There should be appropriate place for clothes or if possible you can divide your bathroom into two parts and then make one of the parts for dressing where should be proper wardrobes for clothing. Although wooden finish or golden finish suits more for the Victorian style bathroom but you can also mix and match it with the modern and luxury accessories. Victorian style bathroom will make you feel as you are in heaven.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victorian Bed Room

Victorian theme bed room has an antique looks with feminine feelings. For Victorian bed room you have to be very careful while choosing the bed. Bed should be of brassy wooden finish or made up of brass or with the combination of brass and wood. Bed should be king-size; mattress should be fluffy, soft and comfortable. Over all it should be luxurious. Bed should be decorated with the ribbons, soft pillows, and with other trims which is available in the market easily.

On the side of the bed, round table with marble topped or you can use fancy table cloth should be placed. You can also put night lamp on that table.

Lighting for the Victorian style should be dim light or you can use candle lights or you can go for lamp light. You can use wall to wall carpet for the flooring or you can place carpets on all the three sides of the bed, which will give a luxurious looks to the bedroom. You can place a golden and wooden framed mirror for the bedroom or some pictures with the golden or wooden frame. And put fresh flowers on the corner of the room in traditional vase. Curtains should be of luxurious fabric and decorated with the lace and bows.

Like this you can enjoy the Victorian style and feel relaxed, and warm n depth of the comfort.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Living Room - Victorian Theme

Victorian Theme

Victorian Theme

In this era of interior designing, decoration and fashion, people more emphasize on their living room as it serves most highlighted part of the house. These days’ people prefer to go with the Victorian theme because of its elegance and sophisticated ambiance. Victorian theme became popular since the period of England’s queen Victoria. Since then the stylish furniture and stylish décor became the symbol of wealth.

The pieces of furniture used for the Victorian theme is made up of wood that have dark shades and colors which give a antique looks to the living room. You can use the old furniture with antique looks. Furniture pieces can be made up of oak wood, rose wood, or rubber wood etc. Furniture used for the Victorian theme is of heavy looks. There is intricate carving you can see in the Victorian furniture. The main consideration in designing the Victorian Theme is the colors which are using for living room because it will serves the outline of the style and design. Usually dark and rich shades are used to make a feeling of warmth and depth in the room. And if you are opting light shades then choose prominent colors to recreate a Victorian ambiance.

If you have a fire place in your living room then renovate that fire place with marble finishing and with paint to give your room the Victorian looks. There is heavy fabric used like velvet, satin, silk etc… for the curtains and furniture.

Although Victorian theme create a soothing, warmth and depth atmosphere in the room but for this theme you have to spend much, because all the stuff use for the Victorian theme is very rich and expensive.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arabian Theme's Seating System

This is another image of the Arabian Theme. Here you can see the seating system of the Arabian Theme living room. The corner of this room is decorated with a traditional pot; one corner of the wall is decorated with the carpet painting, and also traditional guns are hanged on one side wall which gives an antique look too. Flooring is covered with the wall to wall carpet. Here is the seating in L- shape with the cushions and soft mattresses which looks beautiful and traditional looks to the living room. And it is really very comfortable seating system. There is the low height centre table which is covered with tomb like cover. There is also one advantage of the covered centre table that all the serving eatables are hygienic as they are covered, you can just open the cover and enjoy the breakfast or other confectionary served on the table.

An Image of Arabian Living Room

Here is the image of the Arabian Theme Living Room. Here you can imagine the simplicity of the Arabian Theme. Arabian Theme gives a very soothing and peaceful feeling. You may also feel the comfort of the Arabian Theme. Traditional style curtain and cushions gives the beautiful looks to the living room.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Arabian Themes

Living Room with Arabian Themes

As living room is the heart of the home, it should be presentable and with a full of comfort. Many times people decorate their living room with heavy stuff and spend a lot but they ignore the matter of comfort and convenience. We should keep in mind the various things like –
1- The ambiance of the living room should be presentable.
2- Living room should be well – decorated.
3- The most important is that it should be full of comfort.

These days Arabian Themes for the Living room is becoming popular as it is full of comfort and it has a unique looks. The most important thing is that it is not very expensive too; any one can afford it easily. Here I would like to throw some light on Arabian Theme Living Room -

1- For Arabian Theme, there should be a wall to wall carpet, means flooring should be covered with full carpet.
2- There should be a separate seating for the men and women.
3- There are no big sofas and chairs for seating but there is soft mattress with a cushions and bolsters for the backrest, which give a lot of comfort and there is a good use of space too.
4- There is a low height centre table for serving tea, dates etc.
5- If you want something more then you can put a traditional chandler or traditional lamp.
6- You can also put scented candles for the soothing fragrance or you can use itra as a room freshener.
7- To give a more unique looks you can decorate the corner of the room with a traditional Hukka or with a copper coated vase with fresh flowers.

These tips may help you to decorate your living room with an Arabian theme, which will give your living room a new and perfect looks with a comfort. You can also explore your ideas and do some experiments with your living room.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Theme Garden

Theme Garden

Do you have a hobby to maintain your garden? Would you like to do some experiments with your garden? If yes, then now it’s the time to come up with the better garden hub, a theme, as to put all your plants together and create one overall impression. Here are some ideas to give your garden, a unifying theme.

If you want to give a simple looks to your garden then you can go for the MOON GARDEN THEME – In this you can emphasizes plants with white color flowers, or you can put white or cream colored variegated leaves that can reflect the moon light. You can choose white petunias, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums etc… you can also add some plants which have white textured leaves. You can also do fencing of your garden with white flowered roses and shrubs. This theme will give you a soothing and relaxed feeling.

These days butterfly gardens are also very popular so if you want colorful garden then you can go for the BUTTERFLY THEME – To maintain the butterfly theme you need to place that type of plants where butterfly can lay their eggs. Without caterpillar their will be no butterfly in your garden, so place some plants that can feed the caterpillars like- butterfly bush, lilac, coneflower, and coreopsis and you should also provide borage, clove, milkweed and Spicewood which can help in feeding the caterpillars. Once those caterpillars will become butterfly, then your garden will be full of colorful butterflies.

If you like birds and their humming music then how about the HUMMING BIRDS THEME – for humming birds theme you need to place the plants that can attract the birds, you can also hang a bird house on the branch of the trees. There should be a proper space in the garden for birds; your garden should also locate in the airy and sunny area. And you have to do the proper arrangements to feed them.

Here I share some of the themes for your garden but you can also experiment with your own ideas such as – Rose theme garden, Rock theme garden, or any other theme of your choice.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Theme Furniture

Theme Furniture

Our home is not completed without furniture, so furniture is one of the most important requirements of a home. These days’ people much aware and they pay a lot of attention to the type of furniture they buy as they are not considering it only as an item for seating but a product that can enhance the furnishings of any home. Normally people preferred wooden furniture but some people also like trendy and stylish designs available in PVC, wrought iron, and plastic.
You can also choose any theme for your furniture. Like you can choose Asian theme, Modern theme or Moroccan theme etc… you can also explore your imagination and do experiment with it.
1- Asian theme – Asian theme is one of the fastest rising trends in furniture. This theme is usually referred to furniture from Japan and China. But now it has expanded too many other countries. Asian theme couches are very comfortable but you will not find huge pillows and heavy cousins. In this furniture you will find clean lines and beautiful fabrics which can draw your attention. There are many fabric choices in Asian theme furniture from silk to cotton that is the reason which can make it easy to incorporate a couch or chair into an establish room. The wood used in this furniture is typically made up of rosewood. This is appropriate furniture for any room in your house and it can be fit well with casual or formal homes.
2- Modern theme – This theme will give your home a stylish look. You can chose wrought iron sofa with light color fabric, you can put mirror with wrought iron frame, wrought iron dinning. You can also paint your walls accordingly which will give perfect modern looks to your home.
3- Moroccan theme – People in India are not very much aware about Moroccan theme but gradually it is becoming popular because this furniture is designed in such a manner that it radiate warmth and relax. The specialty of this furniture is soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin. You can also try to capture the rural life of Morocco through the furniture you buy. Morocco furniture can be easily fitted with any theme and it can be perfect for your home whether it is your living room, bed room, kitchen or bathroom.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Theme Bathroom

Theme Bathroom Decor

Bathroom is the place where you can feel relaxed, where you can imagine, where you can think, where you can get the ideas, where you can spent some time just for your self only, so your bathroom should be clean and should be decorated according to your imagination and choice. To decorate your bathroom, first of all you should choose a theme according to your taste. You can pick some ideas and information through internet also; it will help to explore your imagination.
If you want to give your bathroom simple and clean look then you don’t have to do much. Just go for standard white fixtures, chrome metal finishes, and basic tile with neutral color. You can put simple self designed white or any light color towel, put some simple designed toothbrush holder, soap case and if you are keen of paintings then you can go for some natural paintings also.
And if you want something different in your bathroom then you can go for some other themes like Ocean Theme – if you love to have a fun in beach then it’s not the bad idea to go for the ocean or you can say beach theme. In this you can paint your walls in the shades of sea, put in a ceramic floor which should look like a sand, and of course you can put some ocean creatures of yours choice such as dolphins, or colorful fishes. You can use funky beach towels, and if you want to go further then you can drape the ceiling with the fishing net but be sure that there should be proper arrangements for light fixtures and exhaust fan. You can replace your door handles with some metal or glass fish ones. To give a perfect ocean theme to your bathroom you can play a CD with some ocean sounds. This is one of the most popular themes these days.
You can choose Modern theme in which you can use all the bathroom products with the latest design available in the market. At last it’s only you who can choose the themes and and do experiments with your idea. Well decorate your bathroom and explore your ideas.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Theme Kitchen Decor

Theme Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the house so we should not ignore it when we are talking about the theme decoration. Few years back the concept of the theme decoration was not very popular but now day’s people are getting aware about the theme kitchen decoration. So if you are also getting bored from your old pattern kitchen then you can also decorate your kitchen with any theme of your choice and that too without spending much. But the basics are that there should be an appropriate space for storage, there should be clean and shiny surface which will give your kitchen noticeable by others. Here I would like to give you some ideas about the theme kitchen décor;

1- Fruit theme – for fruit theme you can take any of the fruit of yours choice. For example apple, then you can paint your walls with yellowish cream color as base and on that paint some pictures of apples on wall. You can put curtains with apple prints; you can use dinnerware and other things with apple prints. You can choose any of the fruits of your choice like strawberry, cherry, grapes, and banana etc…
2- Animal theme – for the animal theme you can choose any of the animals of your choice. Here we can suppose cow. You should paint your walls with green color base which will look like a grass and on that you can paint some pictures of cow with white and black color spots. This theme will provide greenery looks to your kitchen. Like that you can choose any of your favorite animals.
3- Rooster theme – here you should use some bright colors like yellow on walls and then put curtains of contrast colors like orange. And you can also get your walls painted with some roosters. You can also use dinnerware, crockery, etc… with the roosters print.
4- Chili pepper theme – if you would like to decorate your kitchen with some hot and spicy looks then you can choose chili pepper theme. Here again you can take a tiles with chili pictures. You can decorate your kitchen with some real chilies and pepper but it is just for the time being show not a permanent décor. But you can use it when some guests have to come.
5- Sunflower theme – those who love the floral looks should choose sunflower theme as it gives soothing and fresh feeling. You can decorate your walls with sunflower pictures, you can use table cloth, dinnerware etc… with sunflower prints.
Here I tried to throw some light on kitchen theme decoration. Hope I get succeed to give some information regarding theme decoration and it would help you to some extent to decorate your theme kitchen.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids Theme Interiors

Theses days when people are spending a lot on the interior decoration, they should not forget their kids. And when there is a discussion about the kids we should ……think ahead. We should plan for the growth because kids will always grow with the time. Your cute baby will not always be toddler, and he or she must not be so long a school going boy or girl. So we should plan their room accordingly.

Cartoon Theme for Toddlers and Kids:

There is a wide world of cartoons these days and this is actually the kid’s world. So we can decorate their rooms with different themes of cartoons like Mickey Theme, Donald duck Theme, Shinchang theme, and with many colorful cartoons. The colors should be bright which can attract your kids. These days radium products are available in the market like moon, stars which is shining in the nights so we can decorate the ceiling with radium stars and moon. Kids can be tough on the rooms so the paint should be washable and durable.

We should keep some basic things in our mind while decorating the kid’s room like:
1- Storage- we should keep in mind that the kid’s closet should be within their reach so that they can reach their things without anyone’s help.
2- Shoe Rack- we cannot forget to place a shoe rack for the kids so that they can manage their shoes easily.
3- Bed- Kid’s bed should be colorful, and it should not be so high, bed should design in such a manner that kids should not fall down from the bed.
4- Lighting- there should be always an appropriate light in the kid’s room. We can use night bulb which should be if dull color and rest of the lights should colorful and bright.
5- Dustbin- we cannot forget to place a dustbin in kids room, there are various cartoon shape and colorful dustbins are available in the market.
6- Yes the most important thing is that, that we should keep in our mind, there should not be any sharp object which make your kid hurt.