Friday, May 29, 2015

My Best Gift Ever

It was my birthday on May 28th, my day started with hugs and kisses; I was getting lots of wishes on Facebook, whats-app, messages, phone calls etc... I was feeling great why shouldn't I ? It was my day!

In the evening my hubby got my flowers and card for me, my 6 year old daughter wished me too and made wonderful rainbow card for me. But I didn’t see my son for long time; he was in his room and was busy with some stuff, I was wondering what he is doing all alone sitting in his room?
And then guess what he came to me with such a wonderful surprise which I cannot even imagine, he composed poem for me and recited for me and I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy. What else any mom in this world need rather than just love from their kids, he has made my day and he is the BEST SON.

Here is the Poem which he composed for me –

Hello mom …you are the best!
You stand out from all the rest,
When you are out, I miss you,
When you come back I want to kiss you!
If you were to go away “STOP DON’T GO”
Is what I would say.
You take care of me all the time, but,
Get sour like a lime!
Your birthday is in May,
Don’t you wish it was every day?
Hope you had a great day,
I wish I could really stay,
Unfortunately it’s time to end,
You are just like a bossy friend!
It’s time for me to go,
But remember you are even prettier than the Doe.

Thanks for you time and I will come back with his more compositions ... Have a great weekend :)  

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