Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Indoor Plants for Interior Decoration

In this changing trend of interior décor where most people think about trying something modern and different, but I always try to think for new contemporary ideas which should be fusion of modern and traditional design and then I realized that why am I forgetting plants? Yes, green leafy plants can brighten up your living room, family room kitchen or even bathrooms! Along with enhancing beauty of your home plants plays vital role to purify the surrounding air and environment.

These are the five reasons which will convince you to use plants for interior decoration –

1Plants are friendly to our pockets! Yes, this is one of the main reason I like plants as an interior décor piece. You can buy indoor plants from your local nursery and trust me they can be lot cheaper and long lasting depending on what kind of plant you are selecting.

   2- Indoor Plants Can Add Warmth to the Ambiance – Plants have natural elements which soothe your eyes thus it creates warmth to the ambience of the house.

3- 24/7 air purifier - Some plants like orchids and ferns can work as 24/7 air purifier, Orchids which is my favorite plant can actually give off oxygen during night. They are the best bedroom buddy!

4- Kitchen Herbs- Well there are some plants or you may say “herbs” which can be used in cooking or garnishing like mint, cilantro, rosemary, sage, basil etc… these herbs not only give beautiful look to your kitchen or home but they also spread natural aroma to your home so no more air freshener J

5- Reduce Stress and Help Sleeping Well- Some researchers found that if you have potting plants at your work desk, its helps in reducing stress and it will lead you to be more productive. If you have potting plants like jasmine, lavender, orchids etc.… in your bedroom it will help you to sleep better.