Friday, January 8, 2016

Five Apps for Interior's

Now days everyone is more attracted towards technology so do I, so started exploring how could I use it for interior decorations of home, there are tons of app available online for for gadget and tech savvy people like me J

Here are my top 5 favorite apps –

   1-  Like That Décor and Furniture – By this app you can take a snap of the décor piece you like from your phone camera then it will show you hundreds of similar kind of products from different retailers, you can choose which fits most to your decoration ideas. This app will make your shopping pretty easy.

     2-  Ikea Catalog – This is another amazing app, what I love about this app is that it will allow you to virtually place any of their furniture in your room and see how it will look in your room …. What do you say? Isn’t it cool J

      3- Color Capture – This is another cool app by Benjamin Moore which will let you play with colors. You need to download this app then take a picture of color which you would like to explore then see the magic, it will instantly match it with thousands of colors ( they have more than 3300 collection of colors). You can create custom color combination of your choice and take your color imagination to next level.

      4- Design*Sponge- This app will let you explore many DIYs ideas on your phone, they update their blog 6-8 time a day, people who love DIY, love Design*Sponge blog and demanded to launch their app, so they did.

      5-  iHandy Level Free- Interior decoration is not complete without hanging paintings, canvas, family pictures etc… sometime hanging your décor perfectly leveled is challenging so by using this app you can seamlessly place any wall hangings perfectly.

I hope you will enjoy these apps and keep exploring your new interior decoration ideas. Everyone is welcome to suggest new amazing apps which are useful for interior decoration. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bedsheets Matters

There was a time when we used to use  bedsheets because of basic needs of our bedrooms, but now bedsheets are something which shows your personality, mood, and fashion sense, yes you heard me J “fashion”, like clothes, accessories, shoes etc… makes you look fashionable, likewise bedsheets make your bedroom fashionable.

Everyone like to sleep in comfortable and cozy bed in which beautiful bedsheets plays an important role, me myself always make my bed daily in the morning and love to change my bedsheets every three to four days.
Now a days there is a trend of designer 3D Printed bedsheets which gives a stylish look to your bedroom, but there are 4 things which I consider before buying any bedsheets –

  1-  Size of Bedsheet- We should always know what the exact size of our beds is and what the thickness of our mattress is. It’s always better to buy couple of inches bigger bedsheets, just in case bedsheet shrinks.

  2-  Fabric of Bedsheets – These days there is vast variety of fabrics in bedsheets like egyptian cotton, microfiber, polyester, silk and blend fabric is also going popular these days because it reduce the cost of bedsheet but I always prefer cotton or Egyptian cotton febric in bedsheets because its breathable, comfortable and good for people with allergies.

  3- Pattern OR Printed – Now we need to choose from the large collection of bedsheets whether we want printed one or pattern one, some people even like plain bedsheets but not me!! You just need to choose according to your taste and likings or you could explore online which bedsheets are in trend, these days 3D printed bedsheets are my most favorite ones.  

  4- Thread OR Weave Type matters – Many people are confused and don’t know what is thread count in bedsheets and why it is important to know how much is the thread count?  So the thread count is the quantity of threads woven in 1 sq. (square) inch, which means higher the thread count, superior the quality of fabric.
Now there are different kind of weaves also like –
·        Standard Weave – In standard weave the minimum thread count is 150 and it feels soft and smooth.
·        Satin Weave- Satin weave is very silky and soft but durability is questionable. It looks great but I don’t feel comfortable with satin weave.  
·        Twill Weave- Twill weaves is heavy weave and also there is less chance of wrinkles.

·        Jacquard and damask are one of the most premium and expensive woven bedsheets. 

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