Friday, August 14, 2009

French Furniture is Luxurious

Most people will agree that French furniture is by far the most popular and talked about style, not only today, but it has been for centuries.When we talk of French furniture, we instantly think of the amazing Versailles palace. It’s probably this palace that made French furniture become so well known and sought after all over the world. The French royals loved being surrounded by beautiful possessions, and their furniture had to be sumptuous, lavish, rich and beautiful. Pure luxury!Is that why we all love French furniture? Is it that we just want to experience a bit of royal luxury? Many people would say no, but in the back of their minds, that’s probably what they desire.And what’s wrong with wanting to feel a slice of royal luxury by owning a few furniture pieces? The great thing about the times we live in is that French reproduction furniture is affordable and easy to find. We can furnish our modern homes with stunning French style furniture thanks to the work of many cabinet makers who have successfully achieved to re-create the furniture made famous by French monarchs such as Louis XV. There are designers, manufacturers and interior decorators that specialize in French style, and can bring the royal luxury into your home. Rococo and Baroque are probably two of the most popular styles, and the secret is not going over the top. It’s not about recreating Versailles in your home, it’s about bringing a bit of its splendor and charm into your life. French furniture wasn’t only made to furnish palaces and chateaux; it was also created with small and warm houses in mind too. Rococo and Neo-Classical styles have gifted us with graceful, delicate furniture, practical in shape and size. They are in fact two of the favorites among designers and homeowners alike when decorating homes in a French style. So pick a few pieces of furniture, a grand mirror and a gorgeous chandelier, and enjoy the French royal feel.Remember, French style furniture is not a trend. Fashion trends come and go, but French furniture is timeless!
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