Monday, March 12, 2012

Choose your Oak Dining Set Carefully for the Family Home

Buying a dining set for your new home can be as complicated or as easy as you make it, but what will make the process simpler is deciding whether to spend a little bit more and go with solid wood or saving a few pennies and buying quality veneer products.

It can pay in the long run to buy real solid pieces for the dining room as they are apt to last for years and will increase in beauty as they fade and acquire dents and marks. These are the symbols of family life and can add to the character of the piece, as well as jogging your memory as each mark and scratch will have a story related to it of past dinners and feasts where the whole family was together.

Used at all the important family events including Christmas and birthday parties, the dining room is an area for special celebrations and even important family meetings where things are to be discussed and resolved.

A dining room table is convenient for families as it gives everyone a chance to get together in the mornings for breakfast or in the evenings after a long day at school or work and discuss the days events, have some laughs and talk about future plans.

Other than that it's a piece of furniture sure to be used by everyone, the kids will be able to spread out their homework on it every night before dinner is ready, games and jigsaws can be played and put together on the wide surface, and any other projects constantly going on in a family unit, particularly where there are children involved.

As you can see your dining room table and chairs have to be very versatile as they are liable to be put to all kinds of uses, and we didn't even mention guests coming for dinner! When deciding what you want for this room one of the first things to consider is whether to buy a dining set or individual pieces, buying a table with the chairs included in the price may work out cheaper for example.

If you like the idea of buying a set due to cost and to have it matching then establish how many pieces will satisfy your requirements, the family members may only amount to 4 but you might entertain a lot so feel it's better to buy 6 or 8 chairs to go with the table. In this case you will need a bigger table, or at least one that can be folded out when entertaining.

Oak dining sets generally come in different sizes with quite a large range to choose from, starting from an intimate 3 or 4-seater option all the way up to 9-pieces, if you want anything bigger then you might have to consider getting something custom-made.

Once you're happy with the size of the table and number of chairs then there's still more to decide upon, the height for one thing as there are actually 3 heights available, standard table height, counter height, and bar height.

Then all that's really left is the design of the furniture that will best go well with your decor and the surroundings. Many home-owners like to have oak as it can look traditional or modern depending on the type of dining chairs you choose to accompany it and the style it's designed in.

For a distinctive look then you don't have to buy dining sets, buy the table and then look for chairs that don't exactly match but make a stunning contrast, and are comfortable and practical of course, and right for the height of the table you have chosen.

Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, the most popular being round and square, rectangle and oblong. There are more obscure shapes around if you want something really different, or design your own piece of oak furniture and get it made by a skilled craftsman making it a real feature for your home.

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