Sunday, December 9, 2007

Theme Interior

These days Indians are much evolved regarding the interiors of their home. Just step inside their homes and a new world will gaze to you. Those days are gone when people placed a particular objet d'art carefully at a tactical location only to attract visitor’s attention. And people would never give much thought to logic, cohesion, or thematic aspects. But now there is much change in ones thought since then. Now people are more aware of changing fashion than and as well as interiors and they know that interior is bold or subtle, ethnic or contemporary, theatrical or classy, Mediterranean or South African, color- contrasted or color co-ordinate, retro or kitsch….it definitely follows a chain of thoughts and a pattern of arrangement.
There are experts who specialize only in interior decoration, right from the bathroom fittings to garden and bar accessories. Mumbai based interior decorator Akshika Luthra Hemnani says that “these days’ people are giving due respect, time and investment to each room and even bathrooms. They have huge range to choose from faucets to showers for their bathrooms. For example, sensory faucets connote the concept of smart homes.
According to Delhi- based interior designer Raseel Ansal, Indians have more disposable income today. There are more magazines and television programs dedicated to the art of interiors, so people are taking aspirations from there. Ansal’s home is currently having a theatrical theme. White columns; black sheer curtains; oversized furniture in black mirror, huge motifs on walls is far different from the earlier restrained and contemporary look of her home.
These days’ people are focusing more on ambiance. As they like greenery, display of indoor plants, bamboos, cacti, colored marbles, frogs, and even waterfalls for the ambiance of their home. Indian homes are usually having a spiritual leitmotif. Diyas, windchimes, herbal cushions and evil eye motifs, Tibetan bells and Sri Lankan masks occupy pride of place in most homes.
Shripad Kulkerni from su: riti – The Culture shop says that they have noticed that people are demanding for the theme based artifacts like Rajasthani, Kashmiri or Warli etc. According to Aniyan Nair of Crossword Bookstores books and magazines based on interiors have seen a 20% annual increase in sales since 2005. Homes are becoming centers of human ingenuity and creativity.


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