Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teenage Room Ideas for Girls

Hi Fiends, I am back now after long break, now i will try to update you time to time with my new ideas. I have noticed that i have given so many ideas about interior decoration but i have missed space for kids who are entering into teenage. So today i will tell you about the interior decoration of teenage girls’ room. Teenage is the age when girls feel themselves on the top of the world. They need some privacy and they want themselves to be treating specially.
Here are few tips to decorate your teenage daughter’s room -

1- Girls love having their own dresser or vanity area. Spending hours in front of the mirror will be their new pastime. So, might as well invest in a good bedroom vanity if you want to avoid encroachment in your room. Brands like Coaster Cappuccino offer a sleek line of dressing tables that blends with the ambience of a contemporary teenage bedroom.
2- A teenage girl’s room is never complete without ultra-soft and plush bed linen. Turn her room into a luxurious retreat! The color shades available include both cute and funky designs in soft pastel shades
3- You can never have a wardrobe spacious enough for a teenage girl. She wants to keep all her stuffed toys along with loads of CD’s and albums. This is her personal space for storing her childhood memories and creating new ones with peppy outfits


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Michelle said...

I love what you have pictured. I am just in the process of decorating my daughters room. I am going for white French furniture, it have given the whole princess look she wanted.