Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids Theme Interiors

Theses days when people are spending a lot on the interior decoration, they should not forget their kids. And when there is a discussion about the kids we should ……think ahead. We should plan for the growth because kids will always grow with the time. Your cute baby will not always be toddler, and he or she must not be so long a school going boy or girl. So we should plan their room accordingly.

Cartoon Theme for Toddlers and Kids:

There is a wide world of cartoons these days and this is actually the kid’s world. So we can decorate their rooms with different themes of cartoons like Mickey Theme, Donald duck Theme, Shinchang theme, and with many colorful cartoons. The colors should be bright which can attract your kids. These days radium products are available in the market like moon, stars which is shining in the nights so we can decorate the ceiling with radium stars and moon. Kids can be tough on the rooms so the paint should be washable and durable.

We should keep some basic things in our mind while decorating the kid’s room like:
1- Storage- we should keep in mind that the kid’s closet should be within their reach so that they can reach their things without anyone’s help.
2- Shoe Rack- we cannot forget to place a shoe rack for the kids so that they can manage their shoes easily.
3- Bed- Kid’s bed should be colorful, and it should not be so high, bed should design in such a manner that kids should not fall down from the bed.
4- Lighting- there should be always an appropriate light in the kid’s room. We can use night bulb which should be if dull color and rest of the lights should colorful and bright.
5- Dustbin- we cannot forget to place a dustbin in kids room, there are various cartoon shape and colorful dustbins are available in the market.
6- Yes the most important thing is that, that we should keep in our mind, there should not be any sharp object which make your kid hurt.

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