Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Theme Kitchen Decor

Theme Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the house so we should not ignore it when we are talking about the theme decoration. Few years back the concept of the theme decoration was not very popular but now day’s people are getting aware about the theme kitchen decoration. So if you are also getting bored from your old pattern kitchen then you can also decorate your kitchen with any theme of your choice and that too without spending much. But the basics are that there should be an appropriate space for storage, there should be clean and shiny surface which will give your kitchen noticeable by others. Here I would like to give you some ideas about the theme kitchen décor;

1- Fruit theme – for fruit theme you can take any of the fruit of yours choice. For example apple, then you can paint your walls with yellowish cream color as base and on that paint some pictures of apples on wall. You can put curtains with apple prints; you can use dinnerware and other things with apple prints. You can choose any of the fruits of your choice like strawberry, cherry, grapes, and banana etc…
2- Animal theme – for the animal theme you can choose any of the animals of your choice. Here we can suppose cow. You should paint your walls with green color base which will look like a grass and on that you can paint some pictures of cow with white and black color spots. This theme will provide greenery looks to your kitchen. Like that you can choose any of your favorite animals.
3- Rooster theme – here you should use some bright colors like yellow on walls and then put curtains of contrast colors like orange. And you can also get your walls painted with some roosters. You can also use dinnerware, crockery, etc… with the roosters print.
4- Chili pepper theme – if you would like to decorate your kitchen with some hot and spicy looks then you can choose chili pepper theme. Here again you can take a tiles with chili pictures. You can decorate your kitchen with some real chilies and pepper but it is just for the time being show not a permanent décor. But you can use it when some guests have to come.
5- Sunflower theme – those who love the floral looks should choose sunflower theme as it gives soothing and fresh feeling. You can decorate your walls with sunflower pictures, you can use table cloth, dinnerware etc… with sunflower prints.
Here I tried to throw some light on kitchen theme decoration. Hope I get succeed to give some information regarding theme decoration and it would help you to some extent to decorate your theme kitchen.

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Kim said...

Interesting kitchen decor themes!! Sunflower kitchen decor theme is so lovely and best for my home!!