Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victorian Bed Room

Victorian theme bed room has an antique looks with feminine feelings. For Victorian bed room you have to be very careful while choosing the bed. Bed should be of brassy wooden finish or made up of brass or with the combination of brass and wood. Bed should be king-size; mattress should be fluffy, soft and comfortable. Over all it should be luxurious. Bed should be decorated with the ribbons, soft pillows, and with other trims which is available in the market easily.

On the side of the bed, round table with marble topped or you can use fancy table cloth should be placed. You can also put night lamp on that table.

Lighting for the Victorian style should be dim light or you can use candle lights or you can go for lamp light. You can use wall to wall carpet for the flooring or you can place carpets on all the three sides of the bed, which will give a luxurious looks to the bedroom. You can place a golden and wooden framed mirror for the bedroom or some pictures with the golden or wooden frame. And put fresh flowers on the corner of the room in traditional vase. Curtains should be of luxurious fabric and decorated with the lace and bows.

Like this you can enjoy the Victorian style and feel relaxed, and warm n depth of the comfort.

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