Friday, July 4, 2008

Victorian Theme

Victorian Theme

In this era of interior designing, decoration and fashion, people more emphasize on their living room as it serves most highlighted part of the house. These days’ people prefer to go with the Victorian theme because of its elegance and sophisticated ambiance. Victorian theme became popular since the period of England’s queen Victoria. Since then the stylish furniture and stylish décor became the symbol of wealth.

The pieces of furniture used for the Victorian theme is made up of wood that have dark shades and colors which give a antique looks to the living room. You can use the old furniture with antique looks. Furniture pieces can be made up of oak wood, rose wood, or rubber wood etc. Furniture used for the Victorian theme is of heavy looks. There is intricate carving you can see in the Victorian furniture. The main consideration in designing the Victorian Theme is the colors which are using for living room because it will serves the outline of the style and design. Usually dark and rich shades are used to make a feeling of warmth and depth in the room. And if you are opting light shades then choose prominent colors to recreate a Victorian ambiance.

If you have a fire place in your living room then renovate that fire place with marble finishing and with paint to give your room the Victorian looks. There is heavy fabric used like velvet, satin, silk etc… for the curtains and furniture.

Although Victorian theme create a soothing, warmth and depth atmosphere in the room but for this theme you have to spend much, because all the stuff use for the Victorian theme is very rich and expensive.

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