Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pink Tips- Improving Your Life Using Colour Pink

The Colour Pink – An Overview

Pink is usually associated with softness, happiness and femininity in most parts of the world. However, Japan associates pink with masculinity because it represents young warriors, which are commonly known as Samurai. These young warriors have lost their lives in battles. They are often represented by beautiful cherry trees which produce pink blossoms in spring.
Pink is simply a mixture of red, which represents passion or aggression, and white which represents purity. The shade of pink generated is actually dependent on the percentage of each contributing colour.
Bright pinks are seen as fun, vibrant and more stimulating while peaceful and lighter shades of pink are used in prison environment to reduce behavior and attitude problems.
Pink is actually a symbol of tenderness, love, romance, calmness and caring.

The Colour Pink – In Your Environment

Pink is fire element which is seen as the universal colour for love. It brings about a soothing effect that can positively affect the behavior of a person.
When put in the southwest areas of your space, a gentle of pink can positively affect the marriage and love aspects of your life. Meanwhile, hotter shades of pink have fiery effect which is good depending on the circumstances.

The use of pink in other areas brings calming effects. If you don’t like pink, you need not to use it in your working area. Perhaps you might want to consider having a good sized rose quartz crystal on your desk for more calming effects.
Placing a small bowl of crystal highlighted with some amethysts will make a stunning piece on your desk.
Using of too much pink also brings over calming effects. Did you know that some football teams are giving their opponents with pink changing rooms because it brings tranquilising effects?
With too much pink, craving is more likely to occur.

The Colour Pink – In The Chakra System

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. According to ancient beliefs, the body is composed of a number of chakras that make circular movements to distribute energy and consciousness. When the chakras are balanced, the body is physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy.
Pink and green are usually associated with the chakra for the heart. It is the fourth chakra which serves as the seat of healing and love. A balance of chakra makes person love, feel loved and develop compassion for themselves and with others. They are also capable of letting go, forgiving and trusting.

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