Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Low Maintenance Petite Indoor Plants

In one of my previous blog post I wrote about the reasons that why one should get indoor plants home décor but then I was thinking about the maintenance of indoor plants which is not easy so I did research about the indoor plants which require minimal care. Here are the suggestions for indoor plants which require low maintenance –

Peace Lily
PEACE LILY- Spathiphyllum which is also known as Peace Lily or Spath are one of the low maintenance indoor plant. They need water only once a week and they grow well in bright light, they are considered to be best for bathrooms, office or the places which are not exposed to natural sunlight.

Snake Plant

SNAKE PLANT - Viper's bowstring hemp or you can say Snake plant are the plants which can survive easily in room temperature and do not require lot of water, you may water them like once or twice in a month. They can give a trendy look to your house or office.

Paddle Plant

PADDLE PLANT- Paddle plants look gorgeous with their round, thick and paddle shape leaves which mostly turned red in winters. They don’t require lot of water otherwise they may end up in rotten plant so be careful, its recommended to use dry potted soil for paddle plant. Guess what? You can propagate these plants and create multiple cute plants.

Lucky Bamboo

LUCKY BAMBOO- Lucky bamboo is also called Dracaena sanderiana and is one of the most popular indoor plants. I remember when I was a kid my neighbor and my family members use to believe that bamboo plant brings wealth and luck, I am not sure if its true or not but I know that this looks beautiful in homes as a décor piece.

Lavender Plant 

LAVENDER- Lavender is another petite indoor plant which give vibrant color and warmth to your room. This plant does not require lots of care but its best when it is exposed to sunshine. Lavender gives natural freshness and fragrance to your place.

The plants which I mention above are usually petite and low maintenance which would work best for small places, I will do my research and will come back to you with different kind of decorative indoor plants. 

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