Friday, May 23, 2008

Theme Garden

Theme Garden

Do you have a hobby to maintain your garden? Would you like to do some experiments with your garden? If yes, then now it’s the time to come up with the better garden hub, a theme, as to put all your plants together and create one overall impression. Here are some ideas to give your garden, a unifying theme.

If you want to give a simple looks to your garden then you can go for the MOON GARDEN THEME – In this you can emphasizes plants with white color flowers, or you can put white or cream colored variegated leaves that can reflect the moon light. You can choose white petunias, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums etc… you can also add some plants which have white textured leaves. You can also do fencing of your garden with white flowered roses and shrubs. This theme will give you a soothing and relaxed feeling.

These days butterfly gardens are also very popular so if you want colorful garden then you can go for the BUTTERFLY THEME – To maintain the butterfly theme you need to place that type of plants where butterfly can lay their eggs. Without caterpillar their will be no butterfly in your garden, so place some plants that can feed the caterpillars like- butterfly bush, lilac, coneflower, and coreopsis and you should also provide borage, clove, milkweed and Spicewood which can help in feeding the caterpillars. Once those caterpillars will become butterfly, then your garden will be full of colorful butterflies.

If you like birds and their humming music then how about the HUMMING BIRDS THEME – for humming birds theme you need to place the plants that can attract the birds, you can also hang a bird house on the branch of the trees. There should be a proper space in the garden for birds; your garden should also locate in the airy and sunny area. And you have to do the proper arrangements to feed them.

Here I share some of the themes for your garden but you can also experiment with your own ideas such as – Rose theme garden, Rock theme garden, or any other theme of your choice.

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Gaurav said...

Yours garden theme is really nice. I am also a big fan of gardening themes and about decorations. well done.