Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Arabian Themes

Living Room with Arabian Themes

As living room is the heart of the home, it should be presentable and with a full of comfort. Many times people decorate their living room with heavy stuff and spend a lot but they ignore the matter of comfort and convenience. We should keep in mind the various things like –
1- The ambiance of the living room should be presentable.
2- Living room should be well – decorated.
3- The most important is that it should be full of comfort.

These days Arabian Themes for the Living room is becoming popular as it is full of comfort and it has a unique looks. The most important thing is that it is not very expensive too; any one can afford it easily. Here I would like to throw some light on Arabian Theme Living Room -

1- For Arabian Theme, there should be a wall to wall carpet, means flooring should be covered with full carpet.
2- There should be a separate seating for the men and women.
3- There are no big sofas and chairs for seating but there is soft mattress with a cushions and bolsters for the backrest, which give a lot of comfort and there is a good use of space too.
4- There is a low height centre table for serving tea, dates etc.
5- If you want something more then you can put a traditional chandler or traditional lamp.
6- You can also put scented candles for the soothing fragrance or you can use itra as a room freshener.
7- To give a more unique looks you can decorate the corner of the room with a traditional Hukka or with a copper coated vase with fresh flowers.

These tips may help you to decorate your living room with an Arabian theme, which will give your living room a new and perfect looks with a comfort. You can also explore your ideas and do some experiments with your living room.

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