Friday, March 20, 2009

Maximum Utilization of Space

Recently one of my friend ask me that he is having a 2 bedroom apartment and he want to buy a new furniture; he asked me that what kind of furniture he should go for? As apartment is quite small and he need to fully utilize the space, even each and every corner. So, I suggested him not to go for big sofas, but he can go for sofa cum double bed as this will work as sofa for your guests and as well as worked as a double bed also.

For your television, instead of buying TV cabinet or TV trolley, you can put your TV on wall stand which are easily available in the market. This will save your space. If you are planning for buying bean bags for your home, and want to fully utilize then space then I would not suggest you to buy bean bags as they occupied lot of space.

You can also use bunker bed as it will solve your purpose to maximum utilization of space. There are various multipurpose corner cabinet available which you can use as a study table, computer table and as a book shelf.

There are few tips for the maximum utilization of the space.


Admin said...

yes good blog bro

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Atul Bhardwaj said...

I think everybody living in Urban Housing things of this and tries to be as creative as possible. Sometime it works and sometimes it looks shabby. But I like the ideas given by you. Keep them flowing. I will be following them closely.