Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Office Under Stairs

As we all know that there is a lack of space in India. So we need to utilize each and every corner of our home. Mostly we neglected under stairs area, which can be used wisely. These days working from home are becoming more popular especially for homemakers or moms and for which home office is required, so we can use this under stairs space as home office. You can place computer table and chair there and of course internet connection, phone connection etc… according to your work requirement. You may also need to call electrician for the proper arrangement of lights. Like this you can make utilization of neglected area and create a healthy working environment for your work. So enjoy working from home.... :)

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Atul Bhardwaj said...

I just crave for a seperate space for myself when I work from home. Space under roof never occured to me that it could be used for home office. This suppliments the idea of SOHO (Small Office Home Office). I like this idea.