Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding a Suitable Processor for PC Gaming

Although a microprocessor is not the most important factor for running the latest PC Adventure Games Games; it does play some part. Finding the right microprocessor for your PC can be a perplexing experience considering the numerous brands with wide array of features available in the market. This article is an attempt to guide you on processors for playing some of the latest high resolution games.
Simply buying an expensive processor won’t do the trick. The processor’s performance is also affected by the type of motherboard you have. Also, the type of games Video Game Review you are going to play is going to depend a lot on the motherboard’s features. Coming to the brands of processors available, Intel and AMD are currently the leaders in the microprocessor market. Intel is well known for manufacturing the popular Celeron and Pentium series and AMD for its Athlon and Sempron processors.
Budget Gaming Processors
If you are not going to play games that require high processor performance and if you are PC Adventure Gameson a tight budget, then you can go for budget processors like Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon. Although these processors lack a bit in power, they can nevertheless do the job. If you want to play games with a budget processor Best Toy Dolls , then you can try buying the Intel Pentium E5200 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+. These processors are remarkably low in price but are still able to run some demanding games. But you can’t expect them to run these games at the best detail. However considering the low price, they do their jobs fairly well indeed.
High Performance Processors
If you are buying the processor specifically for high performance 3D games, then you may have to spend some extra money. Some of the options you have include the Intel Core 2 Quad and the AMD Phenom X4 processors. Although these processors compete neck and neck, it is advisable to go for Intel as it offers enhanced performance. But if you want to save some bucks here, you can try AMD as well. For example, the AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition is a fast gaming processor available at a fraction of the cost of a high performance Intel Core 2 Quad processor. Although the AMD Phenom is somewhat slower compared to its Intel counterpart, it is lightning fast nonetheless.
CPU Cooling
An important thing to consider especially if you are a gamer is the cooling for the processor. This is even more vital if you are going to over-clock your CPU. Although the processors usually come with a fan mounted on top of it, you can still upgrade this fan to one that offers superior cooling.
To conclude, there is always a processor for everyone’s budget. With today’s high competition amongst AMD and Intel to release super fast processors, the prices are getting lower and lower. But a lot depends on your personal preference. So take your time to research, and you will soon discover a processor that is just right for you.

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