Monday, June 1, 2009

Some Ideas for Choosing your PC’s Motherboard

The motherboard is the most confusing Pc Accessories PC hardware to buy, as you have to consider compatibility issues with various other components. It is also the foundation on which any computer is built on. So it is important to buy a motherboard that is not only compatible with your existing PC components but also the ones to be added in the future.
A new Motherboard is better
Some try to upgrade PCs cost effectively by not replacing an older motherboard and just upgrading the processor to a faster version. However, this may need a BIOS upgrade. Also there is no guarantee that a given motherboard will support a faster version of the same processor, or that a required BIOS upgrade will be available. Moreover, the old motherboard may limit the performance of even a faster processor. So it is preferable to go for the latest motherboard, especially with prices having dropped a great deal.
If you have finally decided to go for a new motherboard, the following is the things to check:
First you should go through the options by doing a comparative study on the various motherboards available softwere PC Game Software , the prices, and the features offered. Sort out the features that you really need – the ones that add value in the long run. Simply buying an expensive motherboard is not the best way to go.
Processor Compatibility
Check whether the motherboard can support your current processor. Although most motherboards claim to support Pentium or Athlon, this doesn’t mean that it is applicable to all the processors in the group. So make sure that the motherboard is compatible with the exact processor you are going to use. Also verify whether the motherboard’s chipset is compatible with the processor speed and the speed of FSB.
If you are planning to reuse the memory from an older computer, then check whether the motherboard you buy has support for DDR2. However, if you old computer has been using a prehistoric DDR, it is better to buy a new RAM. Currently, Intel chipset boards are available for both DDR2 and DDR3 types. And although DDR2 is the cheaper option, the DDR3 is faster and offers more room for future upgrades as well.
Ports and Slots
Make sure that the motherboard has adequate serial ports, parallel ports and USB ports. Also check the number of PCI slots and memory slots. PCI slots usually range from three to five or more depending on the manufacturer. However, if the motherboard already has onboard sound, video, LAN etc, it wouldn’t need too many PCI slots. It is advisable though to have an AGP slot even if you have onboard video in the motherboard.
To sum up, it is important to do sufficient research before buying the motherboard. You can read internet reviews on various motherboards and choose one that is most suitable to your requirements Computer Repair Service . Never go the cheap route, after all the motherboard is the very base for building your PC.

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